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Federal Direct Loans

Annual Federal Direct Loan Maximum Limits

(Includes fall, winter, spring, and summer quarters)

Annual Federal Direct Loan Maximum Limits
Dependent Students (credits)    Independent Students** (credits)
Freshman (0-44) $5,500 Freshman (0-44) $9,500
Sophomore (45-89) $6,500 Sophomore (45-89) $10,500
Junior (90-134) $7,500 Junior (90-134) $12,500
Senior (135 or more) $7,500 Senior (135 or more) $12,500
Postbaccalaureate* $2625 - $7,500 Postbaccalaureate* $10,500 - $12,500
    Graduate $20,500

* TESOL, preparatory course work, certain certificates, and other programs have reduced limits.
** A student is considered independent for financial aid purposes if he/she can answer "yes" to at least one of the Dependency questions included on the FAFSA.

In addition to annual Direct Loan limits, there are also aggregate limits to loan amounts. For undergraduates and postbaccalaureates, dependent students are limited to $31,000 and independent students are limited to $57,500. Graduate students are limited to a total of $138,500.