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Did You Know?

Correspondence Courses:

Your financial aid eligibility is significantly reduced if correspondence courses comprise more than 50% of your enrollment in any given quarter. All correspondence and independent learning coursework must be completed within the quarter that funding was disbursed. Contact Financial Aid for additional information.

Summer Financial Aid:

Students who wish to receive aid for summer quarter must complete the online application available on our website in early April. Because summer is Western's final quarter of the academic year, financial aid is limited to PLUS Loan, Alternative Student Loan (for eligible students), and any remaining annual eligibility for Federal Direct Loan and Federal Pell Grant.

Withdrawal and Re-enrollment Information:

Students who choose to withdraw from Western for one or more quarters are advised to provide official notification to the Registrar's Office as well as to Admissions, Student Business Office, and Financial Aid. Financial aid recipients who withdraw from the university will have their financial aid suspended and may need to repay some or all of the aid they received. Students who "unofficially" withdraw (fail to successfully complete any credits by receiving a combination of the following grades for a given quarter: F, Z, U, NP, W, X, XM) may also need to repay all or a portion of their aid for that term.

Postbaccalaureate Class Standing:

Financial aid is limited to Federal Direct Loans, and PLUS Loans (for dependent students) and is only available to students who are pursuing certain federally-approved programs. Contact Financial Aid for additional information.

Graduate Class Standing:

Financial aid is limited to Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan, Federal PLUS Loan, Assistantships, Work Study, and Alternative Student Loan (for eligible students).

Aid Received at Other Institutions:

You must notify Financial Aid in writing if you received financial aid at another institution during the same academic year or the preceding summer.

Study Abroad:

Students who enroll in a study abroad program that has been approved for credit by WWU can be considered for financial aid in most cases.

A written request is required to have your financial aid revised. Revisions can be requested by completing one of the revision forms available on our website. Forms can be submitted electronically as an email attachment from your official WWU email account. Revisions can take up to 6 weeks, although it can be longer at certain times of the year.

Cost of Attendance Changes:

In some cases, the standard cost of attendance will not meet the needs of students. Requests to increase your budget for extraordinary educational costs incurred during the academic year can be submitted. However, the amount already included in the standard budget will be factored into any adjustment. Forms for making these requests are available online at Online Forms.

The following are costs that with applicable documentation, we may be able to include:

  • Medical, dental or prescription expenses not covered by insurance
  • Medical insurance premiums
  • Car repair or insurance costs incurred for a vehicle needed for educational purposes
  • Costs associated with an off-campus program
  • Unique books, supplies or equipment required for classes
  • Purchase of a computer for educational purposes
  • Out-of-pocket childcare expenses incurred as a direct result of attending WWU

Expected Family Contribution (EFC) Changes:

If you or your family experienced a significant change in the ability to pay for educational expenses since you filed the FAFSA, your EFC may be revised. For instance, if a parent loses or changes a job and it will significantly decrease family income, or if your parents have extraordinary expenses that will impact their ability to pay for educational expenses, contact the Financial Aid department for assistance.