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Frequently Asked Questions


What is verification? What are the common verification problems?

What is financial aid?

What is the FAFSA?

What does the priority deadline mean?

What determines independent student status?

I filed my FAFSA and I am awaiting admission to Western Washington University. When do I get my financial aid award?

Must I report untaxed living expenses received as a member of the military, clergy, or other?

I am transferring to WWU with college credits; however, I am being asked for my high school transcript. Why?

I filed for re-admission to WWU, when do I get my award?

What kinds of student loans are available?

What is a subsidized loan?

What is an unsubsidized loan?

What other federal loans are available?

I applied for a Direct Loan and a Parent PLUS Loan. What is a Master Promissory Note?

Can I sign a Promissory note electronically?

What are emergency loans?

How do I find out about work-study or scholarships?

How can I find part-time student employment while attending Western?

My financial circumstances have changed. How do I request a revision?

I want to change my student contribution because I lost my job. How do I do that?

I changed my mind about getting loans. What can I do?

I turned down my work-study award and want a loan instead. What do I do?

How long do revisions take to process?

What if I take Self-Paced Western Online Courses?

I am on financial aid probation. What does that mean?

I want to transfer to WWU, but I do not have a high school diploma or GED. Can I receive financial aid?

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