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Must I report untaxed living expenses received as a member of the military, clergy, or other?

Must students and parents report the amount of untaxed housing, food, and other living allowances they receive as members of the military, clergy, or others receiving untaxed income (FAFSA questions 45 for student and 94 for parent?

Yes, untaxed money received to pay for rent or the free use of a house or apartment must be reported as untaxed income. Untaxed income includes the basic allowance for subsistence (BAS), Temporary Lodging Expense (TLE), and Travel Lodging Allowance (TLA). Military members can determine their annual untaxed benefit information on the December Leave and Earnings Statement (LES).

EXCEPTION: do not report the value of on-base housing or the basic allowance for housing (BAH) for students or parents who are in the military.

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