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What if I take Self-Paced Western Online Courses?

Self-paced courses are available through the Extended Education program. Western Online courses are courses from the WWU Catalog, which have been designed by faculty members so that students can study and complete the class at home.

Q: Can my financial aid pay for a self-paced course?

A: Yes, under certain circumstances. First, you must be an admitted student at Western Washington University and have applied for financial aid. Second, you must meet the credit distribution requirement; students with full-time aid (12 or more credits) must be enrolled in 6 or more non-self-paced credits.

Contact Financial Aid at (360) 650-3470 if you plan to enroll for less than full-time attendance to find out if your aid will apply.

Q: How long do I have to complete a self-paced course?

A: Although students have up to 6 months to complete a self-paced course for purposes of posting a grade, students planning to receive financial aid for self-paced coursework or at any time in the future MUST complete the course during the quarter it was registered for. If the self-paced course is not completed within the quarter it was registered for, future financial aid eligibility could be jeopardized.

Q: Will my financial aid automatically be applied to my self-paced course tuition from my student account?

A: Financial aid will apply to self-paced courses just as it does to regular courses and fees.

Q: If I receive financial aid, how do I register for a self-paced course?

A: First, determine your credit load including self-paced credits. (Reminder: you must meet the credit distribution requirement). Next, contact the Financial Aid office to verify how your financial aid status will be affected with the addition of self-paced courses to your credit load.

There is a separate registration process for self-paced courses.

Important Note: Financial aid will not disburse until you are registered for the requisite number of credits.

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