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Entrance Loan Counseling

Students who are considering taking out their first federal direct student loan must complete an Entrance Loan Counseling session. A quick and easy interactive loan counseling tool is available from the federal direct loan servicer at You can take this step now even if you have not yet received a financial aid award notice indicating you are eligible for a federal student loan. Parents borrowing through the PLUS program are not required to receive entrance loan counseling. Be sure to include Western Washington University when prompted to include a school this is to receive notification that you completed the counseling session.

Electronic Master Promissory Note
The Electronic Master Promissory Note is the fastest, most accurate way for you to complete your promissory note. And - it's easy!

To take advantage of the Federal Direct Student Loan program or the Federal Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS) program, you must complete a loan repayment promissory note. The new Electronic Master Promissory Note (E-MPN) is faster and more accurate than the traditional paper process. You can even complete the E-MPN before you receive a financial aid award. Now is a good time to start the E-MPN process if you expect to use student loans to help fund your education.

Loan Repayment Calculator

Will you be student loan debt free by 43?

Use this loan calculator to determine what your monthly repayment obligation will be once you leave school and start repaying your student loans.

Loan Fee Calculator

Most federal student loans have loan fees that are a percentage of the total loan amount. The money you receive will be a bit less than the amount you actually borrow. Use our loan fee calculator to determine the fee amount that will be deducted from your loan disbursement.

Budget Your Expenses

Where did it all go, Joe?

Plan your income and expenses carefully to ensure your income matches or exceeds your expenses. Our budget worksheet will help you get started.

Direct Loan Repayment

So, is it time to think about repaying your student loans?

The Direct Loan Repayment Estimator is an excellent resource to review your repayment obligations and options.

WWU Student Business Office

This office can provide guidance and advice on repaying your student loans.

Debt Management and Personal Financial Planning

Learn how to manage a difficult financial situation and find resources to help you recover if you find yourself overextended in debt.

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