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Summer Study Abroad Financial Aid Estimator

This calculator will help you estimate your financial aid eligibility for your Faculty-Led summer study abroad program. It is not a guarantee of aid. Many financial aid students participating in summer study abroad must rely on their parents to borrow through the Parent PLUS Loan program to fund their program. If you have questions after you have used the Financial Aid Estimator, print the result, and contact the Financial Aid Department.


Total study abroad travel program costs

This figure is provided to you on the Faculty-Led Study Abroad Travel Program Worksheet.

Remaining Federal Direct Loan eligibility from the current academic year

To calculate this figure, go to Web4U, add together the Federal Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans that you accepted for the current academic year. Include loans you received from other schools during the current school year. Subtract the resulting total accepted loans (Excluding any Perkins Loan) from the appropriate annual Direct Loan limit according to your class standing and dependency status in the table below. It is critical that you use the correct dependency status when choosing the Annual Loan Limit in the table below. Enter the result here.

Note: Dependency is not based on support from parents.
Nearly all students born on or after 01/01/1989 are dependent students.

Current Class Standing Annual Loan Limit for Dependent Students
(Born on or after 01/01/1989)
Annual Loan Limit Independent Students
(Born before 01/01/1989 or if you have children)
Freshman $5,500 $9,500
Sophomore $6,500 $10,500
Junior & Senior $7,500 $12,500
Graduate N/A $20,500
In addition to the annual loan limits, there is an aggregate lifetime limit of $31,000 for dependent students, and $57,500 for independent students. Go to to find your current student loan debt..

Amount you anticipate having saved for summer quarter

This is the sum of any funds you will have saved for summer quarter such as scholarships, savings, any surplus financial aid saved from the current academic year, plus any funds your family may be providing.

Parent Plus Loan (for dependent students only)

This option is not a guarantee of funds! To be considered for this loan, your parent must be willing to take the loan (they are the borrower) and must pass a Department of Education credit check.

Alternative Student Loan

This option is not a guarantee of funds! This is a loan through a private lender (a bank). You must apply for the loan and pass a credit check performed by the lender.



  • Remember to print your estimator results
  • Apply for summer financial aid if you have remaining Direct Loan eligibility or if your parent plans to apply for the parent PLUS loan.
  • Dependent students who's parents were denied the parent PLUS loan due to failing the credit check may be eligible for a once per year increase in their Federal Unsubsidized Direct Loan. Contact the Financial Aid Department for details.
  • Contact International Programs and Exchanges if you have questions about your estimated cost of attendance, or the Financial Aid Department if you have eligibility questions (please have your estimator printout on hand).
  • There are multiple affiliate program scholarships available to WWU students participating in specific study abroad programs, as well as an extensive list of other scholarships to consider. You can also check out some creative funding ideas which other students have used to raise additional funds for their trip.



  • Maximum Attempted Credits (MAC): Seniors are strongly urged to visit the Financial Aid Department to determine if they have sufficient Maximum Attempted Credits (MAC) remaining to allow for the funding of your summer study abroad program.
  • Aggregate Loan Limit: The aggregate lifetime borrowing limit for dependent students is $31,000 in Direct Loan ($57,500 for independent students). You are strongly urged to visit the Financial Aid Department if you think you might be close to the aggregate lifetime loan limit, or you can check your loan totals at
  • Concurrent Enrollment in Additional Summer Coursework: If you will be enrolling for credits during the summer quarter that are in addition to your study abroad enrollment, you will incur additional expenses for the tuition and fees associated with those additional credits as well as for living expenses associated with the portion of summer quarter that you are not traveling for your program. The costs of additional, unrelated domestic enrollment may be added to your study abroad budget, and generally will be met with an offer of Plus Loan. Contact Financial AId if you will be enrolling in additional unrelated coursework.
  • Be sure to print and save this worksheet for your records or if you will be contacting our office with questions.


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