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The WWU Scholarship Center is available to assist students and their families as they search and apply for scholarships. The awarding of a scholarship represents not only a significant source of financial assistance, but recognition of your special achievements and an investment in your potential. Please feel free to contact us as you proceed through the scholarship process

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Washington State Home and Community Educators
Women in Transtition Scholarship

The Washington State Home and Community Educators is sponsoring four $1,000 scholarships for four women, 25 years or older, who have a defined plan to continue their education to improve the possibilities for advancement or train for a new career. Special consideration will be given to women entering family-related fields.

Applicants must a) have a definite plan to use the desired training to enter or re-enter the job market, to improve chances for advancement or to train for a new career field, b) have demonstrated a need for financial assistance to upgrade skills or complete their education for career advancement, and c) must be a Washington State resident attending a school in Washington State.

For more information, please visit:

Deadline: 05/01/2015

Amount: $1,000

Application Location: Click Here

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