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Private Scholarships

The Scholarship Center maintains information and application materials on several private scholarships as well as a compiled list of private scholarships available to high school seniors.

Private scholarships may be obtained through a wide variety of outside sources. Numerous companies and organizations offer scholarships based on varying criteria. We encourage all students to research and apply for scholarships. Private scholarships are available throughout the year.

• Current Scholarships

• High School Scholarships

Suggested search resources:

  • WWU Scholarship Center posts scholarship announcements, has resource guides, and internet access with book-marked scholarship web sites for you to research scholarships.
  • Your local library may have reference books, guides, and directories of scholarships.
  • Service organizations (Rotary, Kiwanis, American Legion), fraternal organizations (Elks, Lions, Masons) and other local organizations (churches, banks and other lending institutions, unions, corporate businesses, national organizations) often make scholarships available.

Step 1:

Students need to notify the University of any private donor scholarships that they will be receiving. In order to fulfill this requirement, please send a copy of your notification letter(s) to:

Western Washington University
Scholarship Center
516 High Street, Old Main 275
Bellingham, WA 98225-9006

Step 2:

Notify your donor to send their checks to:

Western Washington University
University Cashier
516 High Street, Old Main 110
Bellingham, WA 98225-9004

Scholarship checks should be made payable to Western Washington University as well as the student and include the student's social security number.

Scholarships are divided evenly over all quarters of the academic year unless otherwise specified by the donor. Scholarships will only pay out for full-time students. (12 credits for undergraduate students, 8 credits for graduate students) Exceptions can be made only if specified in writing from the donor

If your donor is requesting verification of your enrollment at Western, our office can provide this information upon request after you have registered for classes. If your donor is requesting information regarding your financial aid status, our office can provide this information upon request. These Needs Analyses take at least a week to process.

Please feel free to contact our office if you have any questions.

All scholarships are considered part of a student's financial aid package and will be credited toward current bills on the student's account prior to disbursement of funds.

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