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Financial Aid Department

Scholarship Center

Undocumented Students

Western supports undocumented students who are ineligible to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) due to immigration status. If you have any questions about applying for financial aid as an undocumented student, please feel free to contact the Scholarship Center. Scholarship Center staff process financial aid for all students who have filed a WASFA.

Financial Aid

Washington State offers financial aid to eligible undocumented students through the Washington Application for State Financial Aid, or WASFA.

If you are an undocumented student who qualifies for HB-1079, or if you have DACA and have lived in the State of Washington for one year, you will most likely be eligible to complete the WASFA.

    If you are a first-time applicant, you may begin your WASFA application here:

    Types of aid that may be granted through the WASFA include the Washington Washington College Grant, the Washington State College Bound Scholarship, and the Washington State Work Study program (current DACA is required). Please contact the Scholarship Center at or (360) 650-3471 if you have any questions about the WASFA.
    • Washington State HB-1079
      Washington State House Bill 1079 allows eligible undocumented students to pay in-state tuition at state colleges and universities and to apply for State financial aid. In order to qualify under this bill, students must meet the following requirements:
      • You graduated from a Washington State high school and you completed your senior year of high school in Washington; OR you have earned the equivalent of a high school diploma, such as a GED.
      • You have lived in Washington State for at least three years prior to, and continuously since, earning your high school diploma or GED.
    • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)
      DACA provides temporary relief from deportation and work authorization for individuals who came to the U.S. as children and who meet certain guidelines. If you currently have DACA and have lived in Washington State for one year, or meet Washington State residency requirements, you may be eligible to apply for financial aid using the WASFA.
  • Scholarships
    We encourage all students to apply for scholarships, through both WWU and outside private donors.

Dates and Deadlines

Complete your WASFA by Western’s priority deadline to receive full consideration for all aid for which you may be eligible.

Keep in mind that the WASFA, like the FAFSA, is an annual application and needs to be completed each year for full consideration for financial aid for the following academic year.

  • October 1: WASFA application opens
  • January 31: Western’s WASFA priority deadline

On-Campus Resources

  • Student Outreach Services
    Student Outreach Services serves first-generation, multicultural, and non-traditional students including undocumented students. Their site includes many on and off-campus resources.
  • Career Services
    Career Services provides resources for undocumented students around continuing education, jobs, and completing applications and other forms.
  • WWU Blue Group
    The Blue Group provides undocumented students with a safer space to meet other undocumented students, find resources and services, and build community.

Additional Resources

  • Regional Resources
    A collection of regional resources for students who qualify under Washington State HB 1079.
  • Washington Dream Coalition
    The Washington Dream Coalition is a non-profit network of young, undocumented immigrants and allies whose mission is to address inequalities and obstacles faced by immigrants in Washington State through community based organizing, education, and advocacy.
  • My Undocumented Life
    This website includes a large list of articles and resources for undocumented immigrants.
  • College Board: Resources for Undocumented Students
    This is a collection of resources, articles, and FAQs for undocumented students.
  • United We Dream
    This organization seeks to empower immigrant youth through organization and advocacy.