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For more information on scholarships from the College of Science and Engineering please visit BH 437, call (360) 650-6400, email, or visit

Alumni Association Leader Scholarship

Each department may nominate one student to receive this award. Awards are made on the basis of leadership and overall academic merit. 

Arlan Norman Award for Excellence in Student Mentoring

Award recognizes a faculty member in the College of Science and Engineering for excellence in mentoring student research. The financial award goes to the student(s) of the faculty member's choice in the form of a stipend plus additional funds for supplies to support the student recipient's summer research. The award will be given for excellence shown by a faculty member in either graduate or undergraduate student mentoring, although preference will be given to graduate student mentoring. The faculty awardee will have a demonstrated record of mentoring student research as evidenced by student co-authored conference presentations, student co-authored peer reviewed publications in high quality journals and proceedings, and other evidence of student success such as research awards, fellowships etc. The faculty awardee will select a student from their research group (preferably a graduate student) to receive the funds for research associated with this award based upon demonstrated merit and outstanding promise in research.

Elwha Undergraduate Research Award

Support for summer research by an undergraduate student majoring in a CSE program. Award is based upon overall merit, and research must be supervised by an appropriate faculty mentor. Each department may nominate one student to receive this award.

Kaiser-Borsari Women in Materials Science Scholarship

Scholarship supports female undergraduate students majoring in a science or engineering discipline and conducting research in materials science under the direction of an AMSEC faculty member. Applications handled and the award made by the AMSEC scholarship committee.

Mickey and Carole Ghio Science Scholarship

Scholarships shall be awarded to students majoring in the sciences, engineering technology, computer science, mathematics or science education programs. Scholarship recipients may be undergraduate or graduate students who are residents of Washington State. Scholarships are to be awarded by the Dean of the College of Science and Engineering or his/her designee.

Oscar Edwin Olson Science Scholarship

The Oscar Edwin Olson Scholarships are awarded to students who are declared majors in Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geology, or Physics/Astronomy. Eligible students must be children of single, divorced or widowed parents.  Departments are encouraged to nominate any qualifying students. Students who were awarded the Olson Scholarship the previous academic year can receive the award for a (maximum of a) second year; departments should verify that the recipient is still eligible and is a declared major, and forward the student’s name as continuing.

Robert L. Hamilton Family Graduate Fellowship in Science

The Robert L. Hamilton Family Fellowship will be awarded to a graduate student enrolled in one of the departments in the College of Science and Engineering at Western Washington University. The fellowship is renewable for a second year as long as the student is in good academic standing. The recipient of this scholarship is to be chosen by the dean of the College of Sciences and Technology or his or her designee.

Women In Science Scholarship

Women in Science Scholarships are awarded to female students who are currently enrolled as majors in Biology, Chemistry, Geology, or Physics/Astronomy.  Each department may nominate one student to receive this award.

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