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Alert: NOAEPAF - Banner's Electronic Personal Action Form

For Work Students and Departmentally Funded Student Hourly and non-uniform positions use the Banner Electronic Personal Action Form (EPAF) field NOAEPAF. See Tips for completing NOAEPAF form.

After submission, the EPAF is routed to:
1. HR to confirm a valid I-9 is on file;
2. SEC, if work study or DSEP;
3. HR to complete processing and set up a time sheet.

Be sure to run the NWREATR report (selecting appropriate begin and end dates) to confirm all transactions are complete (marked with a "C").
OR - use Web4U (must attend training first!) to view your EPAFs in a list format!

You must complete the HR training sessions prior to using NOAEPAF.

For Salaried, Foundation and Grant Funded positions, please Use Student Employment Form.