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Alert: NOAEPAF Hiring Tips for Work Study Positions!

Quick guide to choices:

* Query Date: Use Effective Hire Date - For students new to Western, the first day of classes (9/24) is their start date. Returners may start 9/16 or later!

* Approval Category: Use WKS100 for a student who has never been employed at WWU. Use WKS120 for a student returning to the same Position Number AND Suffix. Use WKS110 for all other situations: a student returning to WWU with a different Position Number OR Suffix.

* Position Number: For Returning Students, use the Position Number used Spring quarter last year for their position. For new students use the Position Number associated with their Job Title

* Override Approver: only needed if your are authorizing a supervisor - other than the Time Sheet Approver - to approve time for this student.

* Suffix: Use 00 for the first Position Number this year.

* Resolve all ERRORs to be able to submit an EPAF, WARNINGs are ok!

*ERROR* "The Begin Date and Step must be entered for a new job" means you have used the wrong Approval Category.

*ERROR* "This employee already has a primary job" asks you to change the "P" to an "S" in the "Primary/Secondary" field.

* Sign up for Electronic Approvals training to use the new Web4U EPAF - easier than the Banner Form!

* Regularly run the NWREATR report for your ORGN to view the status of your submitted EPAFs. A status of W - Waiting has not been submitted and requires your input; P - Pending is sitting in SEC queue awaiting our approval; A - Approved is sitting in HR queue awaiting their process; C - COMPLETED ready to enter time!
OR use the new Web4U process to view a list of your transactions!