Student Employment Guide for Students:

Determining Pay Rates for Hourly Positions

Employers are asked to refer to the Classification Guidelines and determine the best match for their individual student employee positions. A match occurs when at least 60% of the position’s responsibilities fall within a particular classification.

Each classification has a corresponding pay level: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and Graduate Pay. Pay ranges are designated for each level.

Starting Pay

In most cases, student employees will be hired at the minimum rate within the pay range for the appropriate job classification. The employer may choose to begin the student at a higher rate of pay within the appropriate range if the student has previous job experience or special qualifications for the job.

Pay Increases

Every January 1st the minimum wage will increase based on the cost of living as determined by the State of Washington. Our web site has additional details on the minimum wage process.

Once the student is hired, the employer is free to determine pay increases within the range, but those increases must be based on definitive guidelines established by the employing unit. Maintaining consistency and fairness in pay rates within a department is the employer’s responsibility.

Pay Increases for Longevity

This policy has been suspended under RCW 61.06.070 and HB 6382 until June 30, 2011. 

At least every 300 hours or three quarters of satisfactory employment in the same position within an employing unit, the employee is entitled to at least a $.10 (ten cents) per hour increase in pay. It is the employer’s responsibility to assure that pay increases are awarded in a consistent manner within an employing unit.

* See Student Classification Guidelines