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2018 Student Employee of the Year

Alyssa Parris: Western Washington University and Washington State Student Employee of the Year.

2018 Winner: Alyssa Parris
Alyssa Parris - Western Washington University Student Employee of the Year

2018 SEOTY Information

23 Western students were nominated for Western’s tenth annual SEOTY award in 2018. The winner was announced during a recognition reception for all the SEOTY nominees.

On April 13th, 2018 Western student Alyssa Parris was announced as the Western Student Employee of the Year (SEOTY). Congrats Alyssa!

Why Alyssa? Here is a small excerpt about Alyssa’s performance:

Alyssa Parris: Lead Mentor

Alyssa Parris is a Lead Mentor at the Lummi Nation School, a tribal school in Bellingham. She spends at least 4 hours a week at the school and attends many of the school events in the evenings and weekends in order to get to know the students and teachers better. Lead Mentors are student employees who coordinate the Mentors in the schools and serve as liaisons between the school and our offices.

Alyssa has made a long-lasting impact at the Lummi Nation School. She is on a "first name basis" with the Principal, Director of Education, and almost all of the teachers. She has served as a role model within the student employee staff on how to conduct meetings, providing follow through, and taking initiative for projects and events.

She has made a tremendous impact on our program. She has made several suggestions on how to improve guidelines and procedures both internally and externally.

One of our student employee positions is a Graduate Assistant who helps to coordinate activities and new information for the Lead Mentors, Interns, and other student employees. Even though Alyssa is not yet a graduate student, she will move into this position this spring term, doing the same kind of work but with a different title. She is working closely right now with the person in that role in order to make a smooth transition. The impact that she will have on the other student employees will continue in this new role.

Related to her transition from Lead Mentor, she will have an Intern during spring term who will take over in the fall. Alyssa will be training this new person. Even though Alyssa is doing an outstanding job at the Lummi Nation School, she realizes the importance and significance of having an Intern who is Native American. By being at her school for so long and spending time researching the Native American community, she realizes the importance of having someone Native in that role. Alyssa is helping to recruit current Native American students at Western to apply. Alyssa's impact on the hiring of a Native American Intern will ensure a strong transition when she leaves the school in June.

Who else was nominated?

Students from a vast array of campus departments were nominated in 2018. This is just one showcase in which the variety of skills and talents Western students bring to campus. Thank you everyone for your contributions to the Western Community!

  • Alex Stone Business Services
  • Alexandra Nordin University Advancement
  • Alyssa Parris Compass 2 Campus
  • Anthony Constantino Elementary Education
  • Ashwin Satpute Undergraduate Admissions
  • Bella Camacho Business Service
  • Celeste Hufford Education Abroad
  • Chloe Callahan Associated Students
  • Christian VanderMolen Catering, Conferences & Concessions
  • Cole Wilder ATUS
  • Colin Bronsdon Undergraduate Admissions
  • Dioceline Garfias Business Services
  • Emmanuel Sanchez Business Services
  • Eve Rivera Dining Services—Retail
  • Hannah Pascual Economics
  • Hunter Sloan Dining Services
  • Jacob Curtis University Residences
  • Juliana Gasselsdorfer University Dining Services
  • Kaleb Herbert Student Technology Center
  • Kaylee Wells Dining Services
  • Kyra Oziel Woodring College of Education
  • Sarah Edmonds ATUS Video Services / CIIA
  • Trista Truemper Graduate School

National Student Employment Week 2019 TBA.

If you would like to make a contribution to help support National Student Employment Week or the Student Employee of the Year Award program, please contact the Western Washington University Foundation.