Student Employment Guide for Students:

Getting Paid

In order to get paid, you and your employer must complete a Student Employment Form: Salaried, Foundation and Grant Funded (appendix A), a W-4 form (appendix B) and you must show your proof of employment eligibility by completing an I-9 Form (see backside of appendix C for list of approved documents). An accurate accounting of your hours will be kept on a Daily Time Record (appendix D), which needs to be signed and given to your employer at the end of each pay period (the fifteenth and last working day of each month). Paydays are approximately the tenth and twenty-fifth of each month. You may pick up an Electronic Transfer Form in the Payroll office, 405 32nd St., or download an electronic copy here to have your paycheck automatically deposited into your checking account. Student checks are, otherwise, distributed at the University Cashier in Old Main 245, 650-2930. If a pay date occurs during the break period, you may include a self-addressed stamped envelope with your time sheet and your paycheck will be mailed to you.